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Scrubber Dryer & Vacuum Cleaner TRO 650

Ride-on Scrubber Dryer TRO 650 from Charnock Equipment Pvt Ltd is a user friendly ride-on scrubber dryer, designed to provide long, simple and reliable service day in, day out, whatever be the environment. Based on the well-established engineering of the Vario model TRO 650 has been simplified to provide a truly professional, cost effective workhorse. It is blessed with a commanding operator driving position, front wheel traction drive, a magnificent turning circle and one pass performance that ensures you get the standard you want, exactly when you want it and fast.

Model No : TRO 650

Run Time : 3.5hr

Traction Drive : 600W

Transit Speed : 0-7.0km/hr

Cleaning Speed : 4.2km/hr

Water Flow Rate : 3lt/min – 2lt/min – 1lt/min – 0.5lt/min

Climbing Gradient : 11%

Vacuum Motor Power : 2 x 24V, 400W

Brush Motor Power : 24V, 400W

Power : 4 X 12V (24V) = 200Ahr

Water Capacity : 120lt

Scrub Width : 650mm

Weight : 436kg

Size (mm) : 1676 x 1425 x 1054

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