Friday , 29 May 2020
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Scrubber Drier

One of the most robust battery/diesel operated heavy duty scrubber driers C 130 D/B from Commac India is suitable for the cleaning of large industrial and commercial areas, railway stations and airports. The machine has four counterrotating brushes to effectively scrub the floor with an adjustable pressure up to 180kg, and one cylindrical brush to convey dirt into the removable hopper. Double cleaning action all along the 130cm working width is thus ensured. Despite its large size, the machine is manoeuvrable and user-friendly and is equipped with electronic check control system.


  • Removing the squeegee rubbers is easy. Use a hammer to gently tap the hinged couplings to open them and pull out the squeegee rubbers.
  • The driver’s seat has been designed to ensure the utmost comfort
  • Controls are all grouped on the instrument panel for easy use. Thanks to an electronic system, the machine is extremely user-friendly and highly automated so that all components can be constantly checked by means of a specially designed check panel.
  •  Dirt is collected into a special hopper by the cylindrical brush.
  • Hopper emptying is simple. Just pull it out laterally from the bottom of the machine and it slides out along the guides.
  • C130 Diesel – Radiator with blowing fan
  • The tanks can hold up to 360 litres of detergent solution. They can be emptied through the hose at the bottom on the back of the machine. Filling up and cleaning are easily performed through the large openings on top of the machine
  • The headlights kit grants excellent visibility and driver safety in irregularly-shaped and poorly lit spaces as well as during night shifts
  • Easy access to the suction motor by simply removing the protection cover
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