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Schevaran Laboratories.Pvt.Ltd – Viroff

Schevaran Laboratories.Pvt.Ltd - Viroff
Range of disinfectants and sanitisers
Schevaran has built a reputation for international quality sanitizer since 2003 when they developed and launched Made in India product range, Viroff753, to help combat Swine Flu (H1N1) and the subsequent Bird Flu (H5N1). To help combat Covid-19 on all fronts, Viroff is now an umbrella brand of cleaning and hygiene products to meet your requirements of disinfection and staying safe, both in your homes and in the workplace. The products are designed and manufactured by Schevaran Laboratories at their R&D centre and manufacturing facilities at Mysore in Karnataka.  The Viroff range of sanitizing solutions include:
  1. Viroff 753 – Ready to use – Fast evaporating alcohol-based hand sanitizer. It is also suitable for fogging in enclosed spaces. (Pack sizes from 50ml to 5lt)
  2. Viroff Gel – Ready to use – Hand sanitizer with the aloe vera gel (Pack size 120ml to 5lt)
  3. Viroff Wet Wipes – Ready to use wipes for hands, face and hard surfaces. (Pack of 25 wipes)
  4. Viroff 553 – Concentrate – A broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant to be used for mopping floors, and all hard surfaces. (Pack size of one litre and 5lt)
  5. Viroff 653 – Ready to use – Fast evaporating disinfectant cleaner for table tops, counters, furniture and other hard surfaces. (Pack size one litre and 5lt)
  6. Viroff Handwash – Ready to use – Germicidal Liquid Soap for frequent washing of hands. (Pack size 250ml and 500ml)
The Viroff family of products are especially designed for Indian conditions with the latest advances in biochemistry to ensure that they are environment-responsible and minimize the amount of water used in the cleaning process. Saving water is a national priority and we are proud to contribute to this effort.
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