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Schevaran Laboratories Pvt. Ltd – Sterilant

Schevaran Laboratories Pvt. LtdIn these times of Covid and Bird Flu, the need to use specialised floor and surface cleaners is essential to ensure the viral loads are kept to the minimum. Viroff 553 from Schevaran Laboratories Pvt. Ltd is a broad-spectrum sterilant which was developed for use in the healthcare and pharmaceutical segments and is now the recommended surface cleaner and disinfectant across educational institutions, office complexes, retail plazas as well as the healthcare and pharma sectors.

Features: Viroff553 is a water-soluble concentrate which is easy to use, both in manual and mechanical cleaning. It is active against a wide variety of microbial pathogens and can be diluted to the level of sterilization required and hence is cost effective.

Applications: It is the ideal cleaning and sanitizing product for use on floors, walls and furniture in educational institutions as they gradually reopen for physical classroom sessions post the Covid lock-down.  

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