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India is far behind the target of constructing 25 lakhs toilets by March 2016, as only 13,94,732 toilets have been constructed so far. Solid waste management is also way behind the schedule, as the Swachh bharat Urban has achieved only 17.97% of the 37.1% target.

As per the data recently updated by the Swachh Bharat Urban, out of 50,70,513 total applications received, while works were commenced on 24,65,089 IHHTs, 13,26,226 IHHTs got completed within the given time-frame. Out of 140,876 community & public toilets, 68,706 have been constructed.

Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, UP, Chhatisgarh and Andhra Pradesh are most active States constructing 4/5th of all.

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