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Say goodbye to hours-long drying

Hello to a dry carpet cleaning system!

We invest a lot of money, time, and effort into selecting the best carpets, then spend even more time and money on cleaning them. However, we often overlook the fact that cleaning is not the only solution and that maintaining carpets is crucial as well, while keeping sustainability in mind.

Think Hygiene’s dry carpet cleaning procedure enables you to utilise the carpet right away after cleaning, saving on time and money.

Low moisture carpet cleaning from Austria

Prior to chemical application, dry soil removal can extract almost 75-80% of the overall soil in the carpet. It also lifts the pile and prepares the fibres for chemical application.

The Crystal Cleaner loosens the dirt from the carpet fibres, the dry cleaning compound absorbs the soil like millions of little sponges. After removing the dirty compound, the carpet is ready to use immediately.

Steps of cleaning

Step 1: Remove dry soil, lift carpet pile.

Step 2: Pre-spray Crystal Cleaner, sprinkle carpet cleaning compound.

Step 3: Brush-in compound.

Step 4: Pick up soiled compound.


The carpet can be preserved with these four simple procedures, and after cleaning, can be utilised immediately. There is no need for the ‘floor is wet’ sign. Additionally, it enables you to remotely operate the cleaning device to remove any stains in between crucial tasks.

Compared to wet carpet cleaning, the dry-cleaning method not only saves time and labour but also enables you to clean the carpet whenever you like and use it right away.

Certifications: CRI Carpet & Rug Institute certified, USDA organic, Woolsafe and EnviroSeal certified.

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