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Saving potable water, half a glass at a time

When patrons walk into a restaurant and sit at a table, a waiter promptly shows up and fills their glasses with some cool water to quench their first. But very often, patrons drink only a sip or two of water; the remaining water in the glass remains unconsumed, and is thrown into the sink during wash-up; a criminal waste of precious potable water.

To combat this waste, Dainik Jagran has initiated a campaign called Aadha Glass Paani. Restaurants following its guidelines will initially only half-fill a patron’s glass with water; after they have consumed it, they are free to ask for a refill. This prevents needless water wastage, and also serves to remind patrons about the necessity to conserve drinking water.

The Hotel and Restaurant Association of Northern India has pledged its support to the campaign, and issued guidelines to its members eateries on how to sensitise employees to switch to pouring only half a glass of water at a time.

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