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Sanitation and Water for All

Representatives from around 50 countries will soon be meeting at the World Bank in Washington, D.C. for the Sanitation and Water for all partnership to deal with the basic necessities – safe drinking water and adequate toilets, the lack of which kills more than 1400 children under five every day and retards the development of about 165 million children worldwide.

The global partnership is keen to fuel the various campaigns worldwide to help the marginalised and poorest people who do not have toilets and still defecate in open. While ‘Take poo to the loo’ campaign has been a success in India, in Pakistan, UNICEF and partners have used hand-dug boreholes to supply safe water to around 100,000 people since 2012. ‘Take poo to the loo’ campaign has led people to talk about the unmentionable subject of faeces and defecation through their various online platforms and agree that a problem exists and the solution is in their hands.

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