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Saniguard from Mr. Sterile.com

A sanitising spray that kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and germs is now available for purchase in the UK. The saniguard dry-on-contact is launched by Mr. Sterile.com, that is authorised by Sani-Guard International to service the demand for anti-bacterial and ant-virus products. With the recent outbreak of Swine Flu, basic personal hygiene has become increasingly important.

One benefit of the spray is that there is no “wet dwell” time, meaning that users don’t need to wipe the product away prior to it being effective. It also exceeds the requirements of EN1276 in Europe. According to the CEO of SaniGuard International, SaniGuard contains a unique configuration of quarternary ammonium compounds (QUATS) and other proprietary components, which allow for the elimination of microbes that regular QUATS alone cannot kill.

The dry-on-contact spray can be used in between regular cleaning on “hot spot” areas such as telephones, computer keyboards, light switches, door knobs and other areas that are frequently used and rarely cleaned. SaniGuard leaves no film or moisture on surfaces.

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