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Sales reflect Passion, Quality & Affordability

With over 100 years of experience of developing, manufacturing and distributing cleaning consumables, Seitz, GmbH has joined hands with its exclusive Indian distributor-Simran Technologies – forming a JV, Seitz India (P) Ltd – to make its high quality German products affordable to Indian pockets. Sandeep Sood, Director, Seitz India Pvt Ltd share the company’s plans.

“A state-of-the-art facility has been established at Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon that would manufacture customized cleaning solutions as well as complete systems for a wide variety of different applications. The machines and proprietary chemicals for the facility have been imported from Germany to produce the same quality in India as well.

Focus Segments

With a capacity to produce 20 tonnes of powder and chemicals each on a daily basis, it will cater to the huge demands coming from end consumers in retail sector along with the institutional market.

Overall, the company has identified 43 buyers’ categories that include: Centralized luandries, Hospitals, Facility Managers, Apparel exporters, Dry cleaners, Apartment complexes, Laundromats, and so on.

New Launches

Three new revolutionary products – Viva Geniox, Maxx Spray and Odosorb developed by Seitz, GmbH are to be introduced along with the extensive range of cleaning chemicals. “The products are highly concentrated and eco-friendly in nature. Viva Geniox is a highly active liquid bleach with optimum bleaching action already from 30°C. While reliable disinfection is now possible at a temperature of 40°C, the easy biodegradability of Viva Geniox is excellently suited for bleaching and disinfecting garments and sensitive, washable textiles. As all the washable textiles can be bleached at low temperatures, they are no more needed to be treated at higher temperatures for disinfection which lowers the life span of linen.

Suited for all types of textiles – no matter whether made from natural fibres like wool, cotton, linen, silk or from synthetic fibres like polyester, nylon, acetate and similar fibres, another product, Maxx Spray is a specially spotting agent for spraying and manual pre-brushing in washing and wet-cleaning. It contains highly active components for quick stain- and soil-removal helps in the tiresome pre-treatment of textiles. For stain-removal, simply spraying the articles and putting them into the wash lot gets the job done, thereby avoiding the damage caused by heavy brushing. The visual effect can be seen post ten minutes of the treatment.

OdoSorb, another path breaking product, has been developed especially for use against odours based on sulphur and nitrogen components – prominent reason for the most common odours, e.g. perspiration or cigarette smoke, food smells or odours deriving from sanitary origins. It can also help to cope with the side-effects of disasters – Fire (smoke) or flooding (moulds), eliminating the resulting odours. Odosorb effectively neutralises the source of the odour from apparel, carpets, wardrobes, linen, upholstery, car interiors and most other common ‘smelly’ areas.

Market Strategies

There are many reasons that submit strong favour in support of these products. The products are high in quality but are affordable when it comes to cost. The products have the potential of saving millions through reduction in water and energy usage as well as by extending the life of the textile to be cleaned.

Seitz prides itself on being a complete solutions provider for its customers rather than just a supplier of cleaning chemicals.”


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