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Model: OWC Machine 50kg

Technical Specifications
Shredder: Inbuilt mounted on top of OWC chamber, Shredder Cutters with twin Shafts, Grinding mechanism, High strength alloy steel Blade hardened and ground, Capacity: 50-60 kg/hr, Gearbox and Motor of 3HP and Wide Mouth Hopper with Sealed lid and Heat-resistant Handle.

Conversion Chamber:
Tank material: SS 304 half round bottom tank; Agitator Shaft: SS 304 S; Gearbox: Reputed make 0.5 HP; Mixing: Periodical Rotation at 2-4 RPM; Insulated Jacket Heater; Auto Temperature Control; SS 304 door with safety interlock for outlet; Dual Inlet through shredder and direct Inlet for waste; Conversion Capacity: Up to 50kgs per batch.

Aeration: Blower of reputed make, Air Outlet can be connected to sewer line for 100% odour removal

Outer Body: Outer Body Material: SS 304; Structures and frame: SS 304; Auto Shut off in case Inlet or Outlet are opened

Applications: Buildings Malls, Industries Educational Hotels, Institutes, Marriage Halls

Model: OWC Machine – 100kg

Per Day Waste Processing Capacity – 100Kg
Composting System Microorganism Based 24 Hrs Composting
Operation & Processing Fully Automatic & Within 24-36 hrs
Output: Dry Organic Compost
Power Supply & Frequency: 415 – 440 Volts / 50 Hz, Phase-3
Power rating: 1KW / 1 HP
Control Panel System automation logic with sensors and interlocks and hardwear.
Mixing Shaft: High quality shaft with specially design blades for quality mixing Compost Removal once in 5 – 7 days Volume Reduction 85 – 90 % Compost Generated per day 10 – 15 % of waste input


■ Entire composting process in one machine
■ High quality organic compost ready to use within 24-36 hours
■ S.S304 Machine Fabrication for maximum durability
■ No or odour and No maintenance required
■ Can process up to 800kg/100kg garbage waste per day
■ Fully automatic yet compact
■ In-built temperature management
■ Safe and easy to operate

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