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Surfactants & Allied Chemicals Pvt.Ltd has come up with DEGREASOL and NEW SOLVEX IFC with particular surfactant formulations.

Degreasol, a specially formulated product to meet the needs of workshops and plants, treats spillage of oil, resins, printing inks, slippery layers of oil and dirt form. This layer formation is a great safety hazard. All conventional detergent formulations fail to penetrate the oily layer and loosen the cake. In certain workplaces, highly toxic material like caustic lye is used for this purpose. But, the special formulation of Degreasol is highly user friendly and loosens the dirt and effectively removes all traces of oil and grease.

Degreasol is mixed 10-15 times its volume with water and sprayed on the surface to be cleaned. After allowing for the asking time of 30 minutes, the surface is cleaned by machine. In case of stubborn oily cakes, the concentration can be increased or the period of soaking may be enhanced.

New Solvex IFC is suitable for use on surfaces like epoxy, vinyl and other painted surfaces. The significance of New Solvex arises from the fact that apart from removing oil and grease, it also functions as a multi purpose cleaner. And it has a pH range of 6.5 to 7.5. It is very safe to use; does not contain any toxic chemicals and results in more effective cleaning. It can also be used for cleaning laminated sheets, claddings, roofings, chimneys, kitchen hoods and other places which are exposed to heavy build up of carbon and oil vapour. New Solvex IFC is a pink coloured liquid, soluble in any proportion in water.

New Solvex IFC is evenly applied through a scrubbing machine; or it can also be applied with a sponge or rag on the surface to be cleaned. It is stubborn on dirt but does not affect the surface. It has special ingredients for compatibility with water of any hardness. Finally it leaves a shine on the surface after cleaning.

Advantages of Degreasol and New Solvex IFC:

• Easy to measure and mix with water, ensuring economy of operation

• Does not evolve any noxious fumes during cleaning operation

• Has better contact angle and surface tension than any other grease cleaner

• Dilution can be correctly tailored to counteract the oiliness of the surface to be cleaned

• Does not contain any inflammable material

• Contains foam suppressants resulting in easy rinsing of material after cleaning

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