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Safcure-Snitch Washroom Cleaner Concentrate

Cleaner Concentrate

A perfect combination of surfactants and solvents, Safcure- Snitch Washroom Cleaner Concentrate helps in removing the greasy solid and dirt stains from wet surfaces. It helps in lifting away the dirt stains from various types of metallic and plastic surfaces.


  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Sanitizes all washroom surfaces
  • Removes hard water scale, safe and equally effective of stainless steel
  • Leaves the surface shiny and fresh
  • Removes stain


It is essential that the fixtures look clean and shining too in a washroom. This washroom concentrate is suitable for sink, sink counter, taps, washroom floor, tiles, mirror and WC.


  • Effective on grease as well as on hard water stains.
  • Safe and effective even on stainless steel accessories, no need to apply additional stainless steel polish
  • Foam based nature of this product adds to durability of surface
  • Highly concentrated product – cost and space saving
  • Regular use of this product helps avoid use of strong prooducts

Being a concentrate, the product can be diluted to the ratio of 1:200 for regular operation.


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