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Ahmadabad based SB Aroma is launching AFC Air freshener Concentrates in Clean India Pulire 2018. The range of AFC is deigned after extensive market research with the goal of creating exceptional, brand-specific fragrances that meet the customers needs in terms cost along with long lasting parameters.

Benefits of Air freshener Concentrate AFC

• Easy to make Long Lasting Air freshener at your premises… Just add water
• Make your brand air freshener without any manufacturing hassle
• Less Investment more return
• Quality products available at economical rates
• Long lasting feel good fragrances with effective spreading
• With list of beautiful fragrance gives more options to your clients to choose from
• Saving in transportation &inventory cost

How to make :
With specialized quality air freshener concentrates and with variety of beautiful fragrances you can offer in different price range. We have made it easy for you to filling the blank of air freshener in you housekeeping material supplying bucket. You just have to add water according to quality you want and price you fix up to 1:24 ratio of adding mineral water. 1:24 means you can make up to 25Liter of air freshener by adding up to 24Liter of mineral water in 1Liter of quality brand SB AROMA air freshener concentrate.

Pack Name Pack Contains Minimum order
Regular pack 1 1Ltr perfume concentrate 4 pack
Regular pack 2 5Ltr perfume concentrate 4 Pack
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