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Appearance: White to off-white powder
Odour: Characteristic
pH-value(1%): 2.00 +/- 1.0
Bulk Density: 1.016 +/- 0.1
Solubility in / miscibility with water: Miscible in water


• For calciferous stone floors.
• Carry out basic cleaning and neutralizing of floor before application.
• Deep scratches and extreme roughness must be pre-treated with using Red/Steel wool/diamond grinding system. Spread the mixture in neat onto an area do not allow to dry- immediately process the floor slowly and thoroughly when still wet with a heavy duty singledisk machine (max. 200 rpm) fitted with a stainless steel pad or crystallization pad until high lustre is achieved.
• Renew pad well in time.
• Process floor in sections.
• After treating individual sections, polish the entire floor with a new stainless steel pad or sof polishing pad. After treatment, rinse the equipment and the spray trigger thoroughly under running water.

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