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ROSS GC – with anti-fog properties

The use of glass has come a long way and today building structures look incomplete without them. While its transparency has many advantages like day lighting, glass definitely can get foggy and stained even by simply breathing over it. The condensation which leaves behind small droplets of water with breathing remain visible on the surface in the form of “fog”.

Heavy fog also accumulates on sliding glass doors probably due to high humidity levels. Same can be observed in car windows too. This is largely due to differences in temperatures and humidity. In fact, any surface material that is transparent, like an automobile windshield or eyeglass lenses, fogging can get dangerous as well as inconvenient.

Similarly, steam from bath water fogs bathroom mirrors, leaving behind droplets on the surface. Commercially available antifogging agent work for a very short time and they are definitely not famous for cleaning!

Buzil Rossari Pvt. Ltd has introduced Ross GC – ready-touse glass cleaner for interior glass surfaces like mirrors, partition glass, pans, etc. The term interior glass here refers to glass inside closed confines and which is not exposed to atmospheric elements such as dust and pollution.


• Anti-fog property
• Quick drying
• Leaves no streaks
• To be used with an applicator

Buzil Rossari’s Ross GC super glass cleaner is made with a professional formula and can prevent the glass surface from fogging under severe weather or in an environment of temperature differences, ensuring clear vision. The cleaner dries quickly and hence, does not leave any streak on the glass surface. It can be used with an applicator for complete and proper glass cleaning.

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