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Rosemor Travelator Cleaning Machines in India

Rosemor Travelator feat


Rosemor International is a leading supplier of precision-engineered automatic escalator cleaning equipment, has been supplying escalator and travelator cleaning solutions worldwide for over two decades. Recently, Rosemor has made strategic decisions to concentrate on the Indian market and moving forward establish Rosemor India office.

The generations of machines that have evolved over the last 16 years, provides solutions to deep-clean the whole set-up automatically and safely. This includes the riser which is often left to be cleaned manually or just forgotten, although it is the most visible part of the escalator from the bottom floor. All machines are built entirely in the UK, with parts dispatched worldwide. The machines are used in department stores, shopping malls, metro stations, airports and stadiums across the world.

“Deep cleaning performed in a professional way is essential. Planning of cleanliness and hygiene procedures is something that just cannot be ignored nowadays. Our products are approved to BSI9001 and TUV standards,” says Efi Rosen, Managing Director of Rosemor International, UK.

The Rotamatic can deep clean both the horizontal and vertical steps of an escalator, automatically and simultaneously. Easily transported on its trolley, the machine sits on a stationary escalator. It sprays a fine mist of solution onto the step and its 15 rotating brushes of different lengths and materials sweep any dirt and debris into the machine before efficiently scrubbing and deep-cleaning the surface. The process will remove tough dirt and grease without damaging the escalator’s surface, leaving it clean and dry with no risk of contamination to lubricating oils in the escalator drums or damage to electrical circuits.

“We have new models — T20 and T10 and the new system in Model T20i is the latest inclusion.”

The T10, automatic deep cleaner for horizontal travelators, which plugs into the Rotomatic and cleans while the escalator or travelator is moving. It is especially useful when quick cleans are needed on either a travelator’s surface or the horizontal part of an escalator’s step – such as in busy airport terminals or shopping centres to clean up spillages while avoiding disruption. The T10’s 10 counter-rotating brushes reach deep into the grooves achieving great results. A powerful vortex recovery system provides the suction, leaving the surface 100% dry and ready for immediate use.

“The only difference is that our news models T20 takes over the new models after the big success around 59 countries around the globe. Rotomatic is designed to operate around the globe in any language.

“The new Rotomatic is quicker, smaller and simpler to use than any other escalator deep cleaning machine in the world, still with the option of the T20 for travellator deep cleaning. We also use our new training video to help operators use our machines in the safest and easiest way and to get the best out of the machines possible.

“The time-consuming aftercare is a thing of the past, now with a push of a button the machine automatically rinses clean, saving you hours of time and effort.

“Touch-screen interface gives the operator more control and status information than ever before, there are even onboard operational guides.

“Larger detergent tanks can now accommodate up to 20 litres of cleaning detergent.”


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