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Roots Multiclean Ltd – Janitorial supplies

Range of tools and chemicals

Properties that are squeaky-clean attract more customers and get rave reviews from current and past customers. Roots Multiclean Ltd offers janitorial supplies for janitorial and cleaning solutions as well as for cleaning chemicals to keep commercial and industrial facilities clean and well maintained.

Commercial cleaning tools help your staff maintain your facility better. Provide your staff with the proper cleaning tools they need to keep your business as clean and sanitary as it can be.

Roots provides wet mops, flat mop, trolleys, squeegee and janitorial brushes to make dusting and sweeping faster than ever. It also provides cleaning chemicals to degrease, sanitise and disinfect walls, floors, and other surfaces, as well as cleaning supplies such as mops, brushes, buckets, squeegees, and other cleaning supplies which are used for cleaning floors and large surfaces.

Applications: Small Hospitals, hotels, gymnasiums, malls and small manufacturing industries, school buildings, grocery stores, department stores or any place where messes are a possibility.  

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