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Robots to clean streets, collect rubbish?

A robot walking up to you to collect the daily garbage and another one sweeping the street can soon become a reality. This new generation of mobile and autonomous robots is part of the DUSTBOT research project under the VI European Framework Programme. These state-of-the-art robots are suitable for the monitoring of large spaces (open and closed), and as guides for people in large shopping areas – indicating to them where a particular shop or product is within a shopping centre. Their ability to clean both open and closed surfaces was publicly demonstrated at a railway station in Atxuri, Spain. The demonstration of two robot models was undertaken: the DustCart and the DustClean. The DustCart robot, measuring 1.45 metres high and 70kg in weight, has a humanoid form and is designed to interact with the user and for the collection of low demand waste. The DustClean robot, in the form of a small vehicle and measuring 96cm high and 250kg in weight, cleans streets of dirt and dust. Moreover, both control the quality of air in real time.


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