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R+M/Suttner Introduces Manual Two-Chemical Cleaning Process in Professional Car Washing

R+M/SUTTNER’S engineering team always aims at searching for, developing and testing new solutions in order to steadily make car washing more effective.

Designed for the cleaning of cars in the professional car washing with two chemical stages like foaming, rinsing and waxing, the all new ST-164 easyfoam two chemical injector with by pass is introduced into the Indian car wash market. The foam device is a combination made out of stainless steel and special high performance plastics. The addition of one out of two connected chemicals is determined by positioning the lever. All versions are suitable for the addition in high pressure from approx.80 bar up to max. 350 bar. When being operated in rinsing function up to 60 l/min pass through the unit without any drop in pressure. Much more than required in modern car washes where saving of water and reduction of chemical consumption is one of the highest goals.

In combination with a foam lance (ST-75) or a change-over lance ST-175 Foam & Clean the ST-164 injector can suck in chemicals by means of the integrated check valve made out of stainless steel and foam them depending on the chosen nozzle. The ST-164 injector is available in the nozzle size of 1,2 – 2,8mm. The dosing is adjusted by one of the 8 nozzle inserts which are included in the consignment.

The change-over lance ST-175 Foam & Clean is the ideal accessory for Suttner’s foam injector line. The innovative change-over technology allows to direct the full flow into either one or the other outlet pipe just by turning the hand wheel at the inlet. In one position of the hand wheel the flow is directed thru an ST-75 foam head for foaming. After changing over the full flow is directed thru the other pipe and a regular spray nozzle for rinsing.

Appropriate nozzle sizing at chemical injector and ST-175 allows changing from foaming to rinsing right at the lance. ST -175 Foam & Clean is compatible ST-164 where the type of chemical is selected.

Due to ST -175’s changeable air injector nozzles the lance can be driven with all pressure washers with flow rates from 5 to 25 l/min. Nozzles with integrated jet former are required.

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