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RMCL manufactures for US based Whittaker

Coimbatore-based cleaning equipment manufacturer Roots Multiclean Ltd (RMCL) has successfully manufactured carpet cleaning machines for US-based leading carpet care specialist RE Whittaker Company. The newly introduced carpet encapsulation machine, Lomac Trio, can be used in between vacuuming and shampooing.

The machine removes all the dust particles embedded in the fibre of the carpet and brings back the piles to the original position through a unique combing operation. The machine reduces the need for shampooing and enhances the appearance of the carpet. It helps save water as it requires spraying a mist of water on the top layer of the carpet for cleaning. A specialised chemical, Crystal Dry, used in the cleaning process bundles up the dust into mud capsules which can be subsequently absorbed by vacuuming. It is an ideal equipment for Indian conditions, dust prone atmosphere and heavy footfall. It finds wide applications in BPOs, software companies, hotels, corporate offices and electronics manufacturing units.

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