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Rising Confidence in Cleaning

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[box type=”shadow” ]It is hard to calculate the figures of cleaning market potential of a country with over a billion population; a country which is unclean, unhealthy and unhygienic to live in, yet is the number one investmentdestination in the world. The business of cleaning is still unrecognised at large.[/box]

The National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA) has so far sanctioned 83 projects in 49 towns of the Ganga States costing Rs59.19 billion under NGRBA Program, including Externally Aided Projects (EAP) component with the assistance of Japan International Agency (JICA) and the World Bank of Rs43.87 billion. According to the National Mission for Clean Ganga, these include projects of Rs22.56 billion in Uttar Pradesh, of Rs17.02 billion in Bihar, of Rs993.6 million in Jharkhand, of Rs13.53 billion in West Bengal and of Rs2.51 billion in Uttarakhand for laying of sewage networks, treatment plants, development of river fronts, etc. The sanctioned projects also include three CPCB projects worth Rs1.98 billion on Pollution Inventorization, Assessment and Surveillance (PIAS) on river Ganga Strengthening of Environmental Regulator (SER)-CPCB and a project on setting up the Ganga Knowledge Centre (GKC) in NMCG (Rs48.54 million) and educating schools.

“Under the World Bank aided project Automatic Water Quality Monitoring has been setup under the NGRBA Project for the river Ganga at an estimated cost of Rs994.5 million approximatelly market. The network will consist of 113 stations at critical locations along the main stem of the river.”

While the entire plan has been prepared by a consortium of seven IITs, the government is open to adopt new approved technologies. In a recently concluded conference, various technologies that could revive the sustainability of Clean Ganga Mission were presented and shown to all the officials, as almost Rs290 billion had been spent already till 2013, with no consequence at ground.

The Clean Ganga project, with focus on wastewater treatment, water treatment, ghats cleaning and toilets provision being planned, creates a huge market of $36 billion.

Home Cleaning

The market for home cleaning products can be divided into three major categories – the organized high end cleaning equipment & service providers, FMCG suppliers of mid-level cleaning aids and the local traditional suppliers of home cleaning products. “Home cleaning segment is growing with our estimates pegging at over Rs80 billion or more. We believe, this fragmented market will see organised players getting in and potential consolidation of leading players,” says Manu Dhawan, Co- Founder & CEO, Spaceworx Services Pvt. Ltd. If we add the cleaning products market too, the market potential is huge.

Existing Markets

CleanerLooking at the global markets, Indian Economy has held the ground strongly. The inflation rate at 3.9% stands comparatively better against 15.6% of Russia, 9.9% of Brazil, 7.7% of Turkey and 7.1% of Indonesia. Also, the current account deficit to GDP ratio stands at a contracted 1.2% in India compared with 2.1% for Indonesia, 6.1% for Turkey. The growing FDI and FII inflows help boost the economy further and hence, the cleaning Industry.


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