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Ride-on sweepers Compact, agile and convenient Ride-on sweepers

The battery-powered KM 85/50 R is the new entry-level model in the ride-on sweeper range from Kärcher. It is an alternative for operators seeking a very compact and manoeuvrable machine, but who do not wish to compromise on convenience and speed. Important for professional use: the area performance/hour is about 30% higher than that of a walk-behind sweeper with the same working width.

The machine can be equipped with a second additional side brush as required. The operator can adjust the rotational speed during operation to suit the type and amount of dirt. In addition to optimum cleaning performance, this results in reduced dust impact. The floating main sweeper roller requires no manual adjustment or wear adjustment by the operator. The contact pressure is automatically adjusted and the roller reacts flexibly to uneven surfaces.

The collected dirt is divided evenly between two 25 litre catch pans. This facilitates removal and transport of the full container for emptying.

KM 85/50 R Bp
Working width  615 mm
Working width 1/2 side brushes  850 / 1050 mm
Max area performance 1 SB  5100 m²/h
Max area performance 2 SB  6300 m²/h
Waste container  50 l (2×25)
Working speed  6 km/h
Filter area  2,1 m²
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