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Ride-on sweeper with hydraulic dumping system

                   CIJ 10/17-1244

Large hopper supports continuous sweeping operations

Roots Multiclean Ltd’s RootsSweep RB120 launches a ride-on battery operated gen-next sweeping machine. It offers an excellent sweeping performance. The large hopper supports continuous sweeping operation.

It is ergonomically designed and loaded with impeccable features. Some of the best-in-class features include hydraulic dumping system with a choice of low and high dump options, Can Bus control with display, variable drive speed, dust suppression system, etc.

It offers extremely effective sweeping performance every time. The ease of use and maneuverability allows quick cleaning of indoor and outdoor areas in all premises and supports higher productivity.


Specifications Value
Sweeping path with one side broom 1200 mm
Sweeping performance with dual brooms 12400 m²/h
Battery 24/420 V/Ah
Maximum gradability 20%
Hopper volume 155 lt
Maximum lifting height 1640mm
Filter surface 7.1m²
Water Tank Capacity 40 lt
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1915 x 1250 x 1640mm




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