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Ride-on sweeper for indoor use

With filter vibration system to clean filters

Nido Machineries Pvt Ltd’s ND-ICE-RS-C200: While cleaning and sweeping, it can automatically adjust the lifting of the brush handle. Two side brushes can collect the waste to the middle position and the main brush will collect it to the waste hopper. The brushes can be controlled up and down manually and are more durable for operating. LED headlights are designed for working at night. It has an enlarged filter that can clean up the dust perfectly and the filter can be cleaned by electric vibrator automatically.


  • CE certified, battery-operated ride-on sweeper
  • Double brush with sweeping width of 1250 mm
  • High capacity and maintenance-free batteries, no leakage, no harmful gases
  • Convenient hopper system for manual emptying
  • LED headlights, warning lights, large dust filter screen
  • Filter vibration system to maintain cleanliness of filters
  • Low failure rate for best import quality and reliability and economic operation
  • Easy access for maintenance and adjustment work
  • Steel chassis offers strong bearing capacity
  • Durable tyres equipped with brake apparatus
  • Easy to disassemble mechanical parts, easy to replace main, side brushes and filters


  • Warehouse complexes, building basement & parking areas, bus stands, stadiums, railway stations, museums, airport, zoos, hospitals, public gardens, factories, plants and many more.


Parameters Values
Sweeping path > 1300 mm
Cleaning efficiency (theoretical) 6700-7000 m²/h
Max climbing capacity 20%
Main brush length 700 mm
Side Brush Diameter 500 mm
Power supply 48 V
Battery 48V (12V*4 pieces*100AH) V/Ah
Charging time 6-7 hrs Single Phase 230V/16Amp
Battery backup 44320 hrs
Power Consumption 48V*100Ah V/Ah
Waste hopper capacity 130 l
Driving power 1200 W
Working Power – Main Brush + Fan + Side Brush + Dust + Vibration 600+400+80*2+50 W
Working speed 6 Km/h
Driving speed 8 Km/h
Filter area 5 m2
Turning radius 1000 (spot turn) mm
Dimension (L/W/H) 1.6*1.3*1.4 m
Net weight 460 Kg
Chassis One Press Forming
Optional Water Tank Capacity 20 l

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