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Soma Specialities Pvt. Ltd has launched a new ride-on sweeper, the PB-155. This sweeper has a sweeping width of 1550 mm and hopper capacity of 220lt making it suitable for sweeping in large areas and roads of an industrial plant. The sweeper is powered by powerful 48V batteries which can give coverage of up to five hours per charge. Batteries provided are dry and maintenance free. The motor being brushless is capable of a very high and maintenance free lifespan. This machine cuts down on maintenance and after sales-services costs which are major headaches for companies using other ride-on sweepers as spares costs are very much higher in fuel engine operated machines. This machine has a productivity of 10,500sqm/hr with a max. speed of 6.5km/hr. Rear axle is equipped with a patented electric rear axle mechanism with a differential system for enhanced vehicle stability.

The safety feature also includes an overload voltage protection device. The machine is also equipped with an integrated water spraying system which prevents dust from blowing in the air when the side brush comes in contact with the dust. This feature makes the sweeping productivity very effective in a dusty tropical country like India where dust is a major concern for cleaning. In other machines without the water spraying system, the dust escapes in the air and settles back on the ground thereby making the sweeping less efficient. The PB-155 is made of welded steel frame for solidity and durability. Reverse alarms are another safety feature of the machine making it very safe for the operator and the people around. Control panel is extremely easy and self-explanatory. The PB-155 is an ideal machine for use in factories, cement plants, power plants, industrial complexes, large housing societies, railway stations, airports, parking lots, bus stations, etc.

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