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Thursday , 19 September 2019
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Ride-on Scrubbing Machine

Comac India Pvt Ltd has designed Innova 55B ride-on scrubbing machine which comes with compact dimensions and is able to replace a traditional walk behind scrubbing machine in maintaining surfaces up to 3,000sqm.

In the same investment of a walk behind model it is possible to have Innova 55B that is user-friendly, convenient and faster in cleaning operations.

The reduced dimensions and the driving wheel of automotive inspiration give this model the needed manoeuvrability to perform in small spaces, going very easily around obstacles.

The scrubbing machine comes with automatic traction and is available in battery version with single disc brush of 56cm working width. It is available in basic version with the technology for consumption optimization and Eco ON/ OFF System that automatically stops the brush and water flow when the machine is idle. It can be used in small and cluttered environments where usually a walk behind scrubbing machine is used, but it is more comfortable and faster

The 70.5cm squeegee allows to pass also through traditional doorways, supermarket checkouts and it can be transported in a standard lift. Its features are highlighted by the brand-new driving wheel of automotive inspiration. Other features include reduced maintenance costs, complete components accessibility and easy sanitization at the end of work.

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