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The every increasing cleaning requirements of industries requires an equally able equipment to keep up with the same. Ride on scrubbers provide with efficient, time effective services, multiple services with single equipment and also increase comfort level for the user. These qualities of the ride on scrubbers have made it a common sight across all sectors.

The criteria of Selection

Many criteria govern the selection of a ride on scrubber, primary being the productivity that the equipment delivers and the productivity which the user desires at their premises. A client requiring to clean an area of say 5000sqm in an hour, would have to go for a machine delivering a productivity close to that. If he ends up having a machine with productivity half of that he would be required to double the time, thus losing the very essence of procuring the equipment. Duty cycle of the equipment too is an important parameter which is related to the tank capacity of the equipment. The higher the tank capacity, the more is the time between refills hence, more the duty cycle.


Apart from the aesthetics of a premise, ride on scrubbers increases the productivity of the users by lowering their time investment and reducing capital investment on multiple equipment, manpower, etc. With sophistication of technology, many scrubbers have pre-sweeping or post-sweeping options to the equipment, enabling it to perform the sweeping and scrubbing operations with one machine thus, leveraging productivity. It is a work horse delivering operational efficiencies.

Industrial application

Ride on scrubbers are steadily turning out to be the order of the day. With expansions of existing premises, it looks as a better option to invest on a ride on scrubber to ensure the viability of the operations. The initial myths about ride on machines being synonymous to industries only have been broken. Forbes Pro has installed ride on machines at hospitals, hotels, resorts, etc. where space always remains a constraint. Factories, Airports, Railway stations, shopping malls, etc., have various categories of ride on machines adorning their premises.

Today, ride on machines are finding its way into all spheres of the industry. Walk behind machines would be limited to use in places where space, requirement and budget could be a constraint. Forbes Pro’s Innova 55 B is a state of the art machine and the smallest ride on scrubber in the industry, which has been launched in view of facilitating the switch over from walk behind to ride on machines. The change in cleaning priorities of the users, the requirement of greater ROI and the need for optimal utilisation of resources have helped drive the “ride on curve” upwards and will continue to do so.

Ride on scrubbers increases productivity of the users by lowering their time investment and reducing the capital investment

Raja Mukherjee
National Head-Training and Technical
Services, Eureka Forbes Limited

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