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Ride-on scrubber for commercial and industrial facilities

With dosing system to optimise water and detergent consumption

CIJ 12/17-1267

Comac India Pvt Ltd’s Optima 85 B is a ride-on scrubbing machine with a robust design, suitable for working in different environments up to 15,000 sq metres, both commercial and industrial, ensuring excellent performance, even for the deep cleaning of various hard floors such as warehouses, logistic centers or high footfall surfaces such as in shopping malls.


  • Comfort and complete control over the machine ensured by the operator position and easy controls enhance results during operations.
  • The big tank capacity increases working autonomy while quiet operations allow it to perform in daytime without disturbing the people around.
  • The driver’s seat is comfortable, accessible from both sides, and offers complete visibility of the whole working area and favours control over all functions without distractions.
  • The new instrument panel has been designed to make its use easier.
  • Scrubbing versions (Optima 85/100 B) are equipped with a button for automatic brush uncoupling
  • Eco device: Only one button to reduce energy consumption and noise level. It is an ideal working setting for maintenance cleaning and for use in sensitive or frequented environments.
  • Comac Dosing System (CDS): Can be equipped upon request with CDS for the separate management of water and detergent that allows for increase or reduction of flow, according to the type of dirt to be clean, thus avoiding waste. It reduces cleaning solution consumption by up to 50%.
  • Comac Fleet Care for fleet management: Such a system allows for the remote control of machine status — if, when and where each machine is operating or if maintenance is needed, to let you promptly intervene, avoiding machine down times and unexpected costs for extraordinary maintenance.
  • Pressure monitoring system for monitoring the pressure on the brushes. Monitors the power dispensed by the brush motors in order to guarantee maximum effectiveness on any type of flooring.
  • Maximum working safety: Anti-skid and non-marking motor wheel and rear wheels, LED headlights with different light levels, reverse warning device, horn, optional blinking light kit, emergency button placed on the instrument panel that immediately stops the machine and all the active functions, optional front-rear bumper, back headlight light kit, emergency button placed on the instrument panel that immediately stops the machine and all the active functions, optional front-rear bumper, back headlight.
Working width 850 mm
Disc brushes 2 brushes, 430 mm
Brushes pressure 85 kg
Brushes 140 rpm
Productivity at max forward speed 5525 m²/h
Squeegee width 1120 mm
Solution tank 160 litres
Recovery tank 160 litres
Brush motor 24 V/500 W
Suction motor 24 V/320(2) W
Traction motor 24 V/1000 W
Drive power 24 V/320 Ah
Forward speed 0-6.5 km/hour
Operating weight (W/O batteries) 320 kg
Dimensions (LxHxW) 1777x1265x892 mm

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