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IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd’s CT 230 BT 100 R Sweep is a Ride on Scrubber Dryer (Roller Brush) available with Pre-Sweep feature.


• SLS -Self-levelling electronic system for an always perfect adherence between brush and floor.
• Squeegee designed for the highest drying and productivity results
• Anti-foam system with special electromechanical suction motor protection.
• Easy to use thanks to intuitive commands.
• TCL battery charger (optional)
• Topping-up Charger Limiter allows the best recharge management of batteries. It can double their life by keeping the maximum performance during the operating time. Available also in stand-alone version BLS (Battery Life Saver)
• Auto Stop enables deactivation and re-start of working function simply with a command on pedal. It includes brush and suction delayed stop for irregular working stages.
• Maintenance Free Batteries with Gel technology which do not require maintenance. Very low levels of autodischarge.
• No Tools- Brushes, blades and suction hoses replacement without tools.
• Working Programs- Standard, Eco & Automatic modes
• Solution Supply Possibility: In ECO mode for constant savings, in automatic mode according to machine speed

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