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Ride-on machine with extra batteries and ramp attachment

I-drive feat

Breaking down barriers of large spaces

I-driveI-team Global’s i-drive:

Existing ride-on machines have a specific limitation working for only large areas. Moreover, with the gel battery operations, one cannot use them 24/7.


  • With the extra set of batteries, it can work 24/7
  • With a separate attachment at the back with a ramp, one can have an I Mop Lite with the machine, which breaks down the barrier of large spaces, helping take care of small and micro spaces as well.
  • Operator has time to rest while cleaning
  • Very flexible and offers excellent maneuverability
  • On-board filling station for I mop lite.
  • In reverse, the squeeze & brushes retract automatically
Technical Specifications
Theoretical performance (m2/h) 2745
Theoretical performance per tank (m2/tank) <5000
Working width (cm) 61
Brush system (disc ) 2 x 31 disc
Brush system offset (cm) None
Squeegee width (cm) 63
Solution/Recovery tank (litre) 58/55
Battery autonomy (h) 1.5 ( Can be used 24/7)
Charging Time 1
Machine weight net (kg) 208
Machine weight ready to use (without operator) (kg) 349
Dimensions L x W x H (c m) 146 x 60 X 125
Machine pass through without squeegee (cm) 61
Working speed (km/h) 4.5
Noise level (dB(A)) < 63
Turning radius (c m) 166
Solution control Manual/Intelliflow
On-board dosing Yes
On-board charging Not needed
Offboard Charging Yes
Adjustable Seat & Steering Height Yes
Squeegee/Brush deck lifting Electrical
Auto lifting of Brush & Squezee while reverse Yes
Machine tilt prevention Electrical + Mechanical
Complete solution approach Yes
Li-Ion Battery Yes
Filling Station for Other Usage Yes
Ramp Provision Yes
24/7 Working Possibility Yes
Base Mounted Lights Yes
Can Operator Rest While Cleaning Yes
Carrier Space Yes
Possibility of Cleaning Microspaces Yes
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