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Reuse water used by floor scrubbers

With 2 or 4 phase filtering system

Comac floor scrubbers equipped with ReWater technology allow you to reuse the cleaning solution used for floor cleaning operations.

Comac floor scrubbers can support a 2 or 4-phase filtering system:

  • 2-phase system: Consists of a mechanical filtration system that allows work with recycled water.
  • 4-phase system: A more advanced system that guarantees work with recycled water through a double action of mechanical filtration and a separation by decantation.

2-phase rewater system

  1. The solution used for cleaning the floor is collected in the recovery tank. On the Vega and C120, it is also passed through a filter basket in the inlet, in order to retain solid debris present in the dirty water.
  2. The water passes through a mesh filter placed inside the recovery tank, then with a pump is moved into the solution tank from which it will be taken for subsequent cleaning operations.

4-phase rewater system

  1. The solution used for cleaning the floor is collected in the recovery tank, where it passes through the basket filter to retain solid debris. The first filtration phase also takes place here.
  2. Subsequently, the filtered solution passes through an oil separator filter and then arrives in the settling tank. By means of a separation process, and thanks to the action of gravity, the solution is separated from the substances made of different densities to begin the clarification process.
  3. At this point the solution passes through a second degree of filtration which takes place in the third tank.
  4. Finally, the filtered and settled solution is collected in the last tank, where it is ready to reach the floor scrubber brushes and reused for cleaning the surfaces.


  • Less water: Reduces waste, thus bringing benefits in environmental and economic terms. This also means lower costs for the disposal of the water used to clean floors.
  • More productivity: ReWater allows you to scrub more using the same cleaning solution. This leads to an increase in the floor scrubber productivity, thus reducing consumption and the time dedicated to cleaning operations.
  • More safety: Reducing pit stops also means reducing the possibility of contact with the solution, thus increasing safety of the staff involved in cleaning operations.
  • Less cleaning solution: Not only less water, but also the cleaning solution consumption is reduced, thus lowering costs and the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment.
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