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If you’re looking for a new business opportunity to engage in, the car wash industry is a great place to start. It may be more advisable to cash in on an existing business model since you won’t have to start from scratch – you will enter the market with a workable strategy, available clientele, and brand goodwill.

But even if you do want to become a trailblazer in the industry, you still have to understand the ins and outs of the market. Caring for cars is not a matter of filling a bucket with soapy water and hustling up a rag to wipe down your vehicle with. Automobile detailing has progressed into both an art form and a science as the pros continue to develop ways to offer better quality services at competitive prices

What’s the market like?

Car wash trends show that there is an increasing awareness among car owners that their vehicles will stay functional and more comfortable for longer if they avail of regular detailing and preventive maintenance work. Frequent outdoor car washing is quickly becoming a thing of the past, as federal and state regulations begin to become more stringent with regards to water use and preservation.

The good thing with going into the car care industry is that you’ll be exposed to all kinds of vehicles that will need regular cleaning and upkeep, such as boats, motorcycles, trucks, trailers, and vans. This means that you will have plenty of chances to experiment with different types of cleaning methods and products, and thus come up with the perfect set of services for your clientele. You can specialize in one or some types of vehicles depending on your personal taste and financial capacity.

Even if you have little to zero prior experience in entrepreneurship, you won’t have such a difficult time learning the ropes of the car care industry. It’s an exciting, fast-paced, and lucrative environment with lots of room for growth and innovation. Being your own boss will certainly be a welcome change from holding the usual dreary office job, plus you get to enjoy the experience of seeing your efforts grow into a profitable enterprise. The car wash market does not show any signs of slowing down in the near future as more and more vehicles populate the world’s highways.

The changing face of cars and the ever growing working class has caused the process of carwashing to become timed and precision-based. Carwash specialists have no space for mistakes as the need to have a good looking car becomes the norm.

This need to come out with a nearly perfectly clean car has driven many car experts to come up with different schemes aimed at helping car owners wash their cars. The use of automated carwashing vs. hand washing strategies have thus come into great focus as each of them is laced with its share of strengths and weaknesses.

For starters, it is notable that each of the carwashing strategies has its fair share of users, but the issue is not worth belaboring as aspects of each method require scrutiny.

Looking at the pros and cons of an automated carwash vs. a hand wash is worth discussing to be able to ascertain the direction owners and operators need to take in modern carwashes.

To begin, the use of machines is taking root in almost every industry, and carwashing is no exception. Automated carwashing has become the alternative to the hand washing method.

Many people would prefer using the automated carwash method for several reasons, but it has its weaknesses and strengths.

  • Gentle on the car body paint. The car body paint is one of the cherished parts of any car, and the owner protects it at all costs. The use of hard brushes in the past led to scratches and the eventual destruction of body paint jobs. In contrast, the automatic car wash method does the opposite as it is gentle and gets the job done without any damage.
  • Thorough. The amount of work done by the automated machine is perfect as there is no chance for skipping any of the steps fed into the device’s memory.
  • Does not tire. Humans are not perfect, and the handwashing method depletes a person’s energy. Tired people are likely to deliver poorly done jobs and may not remove the dust and the dirt on the car body. The automated carwash has no space for tiredness and is reputed to even reach areas where hands may not reach.
  • Cost effective. The automated carwash is known for using modern carwashing techniques that save time and water. The time factor and the low amounts of water used allow the car owner and carwash specialist to cut on costs.
  • Time saving. Most professionals would make do with taking their vehicles to an automated carwash where they will have the car washed in a record time of just five to 10 minutes.
  • Customized. Using automated washing machines allows carwashes to customize their car washing needs. They may need to combine several coat care methods in one operation, and the automated process delivers it in record time.

Looking at both strategies, automated carwashing is best and suitable when the vehicle user has limited time.

It is evident that when automated carwashing and hand carwashing are compared that the use of an automated carwash is best in the current era. Many people would rather spend less time and avoid the hassles.

For car owners and carwash specialists with the time to spare, it is best advised to use a mix of both strategies. But for the sake of balancing the interests of the vehicle to be washed with the outcome of the washing, exclusively using the automated carwash method is preferred.

Hiring quality employees is always a challenge for carwash owners, and this situation looks to remain unchanged in the Coming Year, by opting a Automated wash system this problem is been solved automatically.


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