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Retain the natural shine of your floors

Resilient solution that restores floor radiance

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The term ‘natural stone’ usually refers to a variety of mineral compounds found naturally in mountains, as opposed to any stones that are artificial or produced. These natural stone floors are among the most exquisite ever seen. Such stones give the property an opulent and polished appearance that attracts visitors. This stunning finish always draws more customers and guests, whether it’s a luxury hotel or a shopping centre.

Because these expensive natural stones must be properly maintained and cared for, facility management must put in a lot of effort to retain the high sheen and outstanding floor appearance. Grout can discolour over time, and stone floor tiles can lose their lustre.

Cleaning chemicals can be expensive, so it is critical to select a product that is appropriate for caring for the stone flooring; this costly upkeep is a worthwhile investment.

Stone crystallisation is a polishing technique that improves the appearance of marble surfaces. To restore the marble’s natural radiance, it is polished with specialised equipment and a chemical substance, in a process known as crystallisation. A portable machine is used to apply the polishing agents to a dry, clean surface.

Although crystallization is only used indoors, it has a wide range of practical applications: in workplaces, public places, shopping malls, hotels and
private homes.

Buzil Rossari Pvt Ltd’s Ross Marbellous BR 202 is an acidic substance used to keep granite, marble, composite and engineered marble, as well as limestone floors, glossy and shiny. It provides a coating that makes the stone surfaces extremely durable by shielding them from watermarks, stains and grime.

This special crystalliser can help achieve a long-lasting crystallisation polish, with proprietary formulation which creates a reflective crystal surface on marble. Additionally, it improves colour and density. This will lengthen the lifespan of the polished surface and produce a marble surface that is more resilient.

It is a safe and effective crystalliser that is used to restore marble, terrazzo, and granite. As in the case of factory cleaning, it chemically alters the surface of the stone. The crystallisation action can be equated to a chemical reaction that is initiated through the use of steel wool, special chemical compounds and the basic stone surface. A tougher, mirror-like, vitrified surface is the end product. Through the tiny channels in the stone, it enables the floor to continue to ‘breathe’.


  • Enhances the optical appearance and provides long-lasting lustre
  • Enhances the crystal structure and the brilliance of the stone
  • Enhance the durability of the floor and thus protects against chemical and mechanical damage
  • Does not require a long drying period following basic cleaning
  • Slip-retardant
  • Easy handling
  • Free from odour

Once the gloss and the beauty of the stone is restored, it needs regular maintenance. Ross Clarino BR 203 is a ready-to-use liquid crystallizer that is used with a single disc machine to help maintain the sheen appearance. A couple of sprays per square foot of stone floor helps restore a great gloss

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