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Visitors coming to the mall expect it to be as clean as they spend a lot of time in the premise. A successful mall of 500,000sqft with a footfall of close to 400,000 – 500,000 per month, it is very important that professional cleaning methods are used to keep the Infiniti Mall-Mumbai clean 24×7, says Vikas Sethi, Senior Manager-Operations.

Desired standards can only be achieved when the processes are defined in detail and are mostly measurable. Putting down detailed SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) is the first step and it plays a vital role in this exercise. At Infiniti, we invest directly in all the required equipment, chemicals and other cleaning aids for daily cleaning processes. Proper budgetary allocations are made and expenditure planned based on the requirements and the new trends/technologies available in the market. Only the best available cleaning agents and consumables are directly sourced. A complete range of machines including ride on, auto scrubbers, single discs, vacuums and jet pressure machines have been deployed for cleaning the entire area both internal and external.

A clean, hygienic and a well maintained environment delights every individual walking in. It speaks highly about the commitment of the management team


“Training and knowledge enhancement programmes for the outsourced team members are at par with what we offer to the in-house team. We work very closely with our agencies and take complete responsibility of identifying individual training needs. A team within the department drafts monthly training calendars based on the modules made by us and imparts “classroom” as well as “on-the-job” sessions for the outsourced team members at all levels.

“There is a constant dearth of trained and experienced manpower in this segment. Depending on a single agency to fulfil our vast requirement would not solve the purpose. It has proved effective for us to divide the area and have multiple agencies on board.

“For proper allocation of manpower, it is important to analyse the peak hours. Adequate coverage of all areas should be planned to ensure effective cleaning and maintenance.

“Over and above, there are a few customers who indulge in unhygienic practices resulting in gum marks, paan stains, etc., which need to be identified and addressed as soon as possible or else it could affect the experience of other customers visiting the mall.

“We use Revachem hygiene chemicals for sanitary purposes and Taski, Karcher and Eureka Forbes machines for different cleaning tasks.”

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