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Restore the shine to your floors

Durable solution that guards floors against damage

Residential and commercial buildings boast of exquisite interior design, appealing exteriors, and a variety of flooring. Solid hardwood, ceramic, stone, vinyl, linoleum, artificial stones, etc. are some of the common flooring materials. Frequent maintenance and expert help are always necessary to assist in retaining the good quality of the floors no matter what type it may be.

A popular choice for high-traffic areas is contemporary vinyl floor tiles because of its affordability, durability, and simplicity of upkeep. Vinyl tiles are highly resistant to impact and abrasion damage. To ensure that the floor lasts a long time, great care must be taken when performing routine and deep cleaning. While PVC flooring can endure a pH range of 3 to 12, any cleaning solution with a high acidic or alkaline concentration may cause significant harm to the floor.

Buzil Rossari Pvt Ltd has seen and assisted numerous establishments in getting their vinyl floors in good shape. When the team recently visited a prestigious hospital, the PVC floor needed replacement as it was in dire straits. Additionally, there were some issues with how the floor sheets were laid up, which caused stains formation in a particular pattern.

At the start of the cleaning process, S 707 Corridor Unic Ultra was initially applied. This chemical is the preferred choice to use where alkali-sensitive and water-resistant flooring is concerned. This is a basic and powerful cleaner with excellent film-stripping power pH – 10. Much to the surprise of the property management, the provided vinyl floor was cleaned with a single disc machine and came out clean as if it was new.

To give the vinyl floor a dazzling glossy sheen, Corridor Jewel S 708 was then applied. This coat is most durable, which guards against floor damage and its longevity depends on the footfalls it receives.
Consumption: 6 litres for 100m2 PVC floor for 2X coating.


• Extremely durable, fast-to-clean surface
• Excellent coverage and ultimate shine
• Very good resistance to most hand and surface disinfectants
• Polishable using a high-speed machine
Large medical institutions use PVC flooring where the floor gets damaged with the heavy foot traffic it receives and by the movement of medical equipment. You can create a beautiful atmosphere and reduce the capital expense of relaying the floor time and again. By doing so, you can have your floor professionally preserved.
Additionally, this treatment works well on more delicate surfaces including rubber and linoleum floors.
• Appearance: White-Beige Liquid
• pH: 7
• Density (250C): 1.03 +/- 0.1
• Miscibility: Miscible in water

• For all floor coverings that can be coated
• Extremely suitable for heavily used floors e.g., in schools, nursery school, railway stations etc
• Suitable for use in hospitals, care homes and other areas where disinfectant are used
• Excellent adhesion even to floors that are only superficially dry e.g. linoleum
• Particularly suitable for linoleum, PVC, rubber, artificial stones
• For fast and effective sealing in only two coats

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