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Rentokil initiates quality customer service program

In today’s business world where good customer service makes a staggering difference to the bottom line, it is imperative for a company to recognize that the delivery of world class customer service is of equal importance, and goes hand-in-hand with the rolling out of quality products and services. Realising the importance of customer satisfaction, Rentokil Initial has introduced Customer Voice Counts (CVC) and Customer Complaint Management (CCM) initiatives.

The Customer Voice Count (CVC) process is one of the latest initiatives by the company to ensure that it is tuned in to its customers’ needs and is able to provide them with the best of services. The CVC initiative is a strategic tool that enables the company to receive more accurate customer feedback about Rentokil brand, services and products, as well as to provide greater impetus to actively improve internal and external service quality standards. It also serves as a benchmark to evaluate the company’s market standing.

CVC allows the company to understand how customers feel about it and the services it provides. It gives an insight to the overall standard of service delivery across divisions from a customer’s standpoint. This in turn allows Rentokil Initial to have a better grasp of key and relevant changes necessary to improve customer perceptions.

The company launched several business improvement initiatives involving Sales, Service, Administration and Management divisions to improve Customer satisfaction. All unsatisfied customers were then promptly contacted and proactive efforts were taken in helping them resolve their concerns. This consequently gave rise to positive reviews and also made lasting impressions on customers. These initiatives have also resulted in added transparency in operations and a more collective effort to respond to complaints, creating a customer-centric culture within Rentokil Initial.

Customer Complaint Management (CCM) was formulated based on the need to clearly identify and address key factors of customer dissatisfaction. It is essentially a simple cause-and-effect analysis tool, which is part of the Quality Management System. CCM is a standardized process tracking the relevant KPI on a regular basis and bringing about an added transparency to the nature of operations. The process also highlights areas where services executed do not meet customer expectations. CCM enables issues to be specifically pinpointed, allowing Rentokil Initial India to take a proactive approach in resolving problems.

Both CVC and CCM have already effectively highlighted numerous key areas in need of improvement which has been worked upon. Rentokil Initial has also launched Technician Performance Assessment (TPA) training for all supervisors to help coach and train technicians, which will subsequently lead to better CVC and CCM results.


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