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Tuesday , 31 March 2020
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Rentokil-PCI Setting a New Trend in the Pest Industry

The growing Pest Control market in India and Rentokil PCI’s strategy

There is no researched data available on the market size. However, we assume that at this point in time, Rentokil PCI is leading the pack. And the numbers are only growing.

If you look at the potential of the market, while the US market is a $6 billion, the Indian market we believe is a $200 million market. It is probably about 5-6% of the market with an Indian population of 1.3 billion while the population of the US is 357 million. If we look at the population of India, the market size is very small. But we see the market growing rapidly in the near future. This is possible only through building awareness and understanding the importance and maintenance of hygiene.

Rentokil PCI is making strategic strides in this direction by moving from just compliance, especially in the Pharma and food processing sectors, to ensuring brand protection. Hence, these two sectors look at us for protecting the reputation of their brands by enabling production in a protected environment. We are educating the people and building awareness on what we can provide in a cost-effective manner.

We have a global tie up with BRC, the British Retail Consortium which has outlined the pest control policy and laid down the requisites of pest management in various sectors, including food processing, Pharma and hospitality. This will enable us to offer services of the highest standards, no matter what industry we are catering.

The IT industry is much more established while the hospitality needs a lot of education. In fact, the principle of ERDM has been devised to be far more cost-effective and provide a better experience for their customers.

We continually work on maintaining the reputation of our customers. Methodologies like the exclusion limitation ensure that a service is never hindered. Our eco-friendly products and services are now available for customers who are looking to go green. Our personnel are being digitally equipped to ensure better service quality.

The challenges

Spreading awareness about the need for pest control in the first place will be our primary challenge.

Our multinational stature brings international expertise with it. We are equipped with the most sophisticated technology and equipment. We use internationally approved chemicals like LD50 that costs more but is less harmful to our environment.

Rentokil PCI believes in developing people and therefore, we have an online training programme called U+ that encompasses sales, operations, technical and non-technical functions. We have two distinct divisions – one for Product Sales and another for Service. Our team consists of over 60 individuals who have a PhD or a Master’s Degree in Science.

Our technicians must complete 20 hours of training, whereas our managers complete 30 hours of training each year. We have over 70,000 dealers across India who carry our products including TrubbleGum (our rat traps) and PestSeal (our aerosol can). These products are being extensively promoted and we see a lot of scope for them in the retail market.

Our pricing initially may seem premium to customers but once they are aware of our usage of high quality products and superior equipment coupled with the understanding of the importance of pest control it will seem worth it.

Innovations that Rentokil-PCI plans to launch this year

This year, we are keen on introducing our foaming systems directed at controlling drain flies. Along with that, various application systems (trappers & repellants) for mosquito treatments are also being introduced.

In addition to our steam treatment, an all-new non-chemical treatment for bedbugs is also in the pipeline. These are exciting times and we intend to keep abreast. We are also working on digitalization of our entire process. You will witness our technicians carry a PDA device which captures information during the service delivery process. The data is then transferred to a centralised server from where it can be accessed through a portal. This gives them access to real time data for trend analysis, on time scheduling and delivery as well as proof of service.

We have also developed an extensive customer awareness program on a central online portal called “My Learning” wherein more than 500 customers have been educated about the importance of pest management. This month we will be extensively exhibiting both the Rentokil and PCI brand together for the first time at the Clean India Pulire Expo at the Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai. We hope to see you there!

Rentokil and PCI the two ‘pest’ giants have come together in a “Business Marriage partnership”. The British-Indian pair is set to change the picture of pest management, bringing in visible changes in the way we look at pest problem. The new JV will focus to set new benchmarks for customer service with domestic operations across India, while introducing Rentokil’s worldwide standards for pest control, top-notch innovations and digital tools and services. Rentokil PCI is devised through the coalition of two pronounced powers i.e. Rentokil, the dominant pest control brand in the world and PCI, the supreme pest control brand in…

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