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Rentokil Initial launches premium fragrances

Rentokil Initial has entered the room fragrance segment by launching Rentokil Initial Premium Fragrance. It provides an exciting new method to allow guests in experiencing and engaging with a brand by the use of fragrances. Be it office, hotel or retail environment, Rentokil Initial Premium Fragrance creates a pleasant atmosphere that cultivates and enhances the brand of the company.

Studies have shown that the mild fragrances have positive influence on guests and workers alike. Some of the positive influences include:

• Environment and ambiance enhancement

• Influences buying decision

• Encourages longer stay and repeat visits to the premises

• Positive word of mouth

• Exuding positive mood and response

• Odour remediation relief

• Brand marketing

• Promotes productivity and work efficiency

Rentokil Initial provides with expert-on-site survey. A structured evaluation program to ensure the Premium Fragrance solution is customized as per the available environment space and airflow testing by utilizing diagnostics tools.

A dedicated set of employees are always ready to cater to every need of the client, and a single point of contact provides ease of service for the clients. Combining great service with insightful understanding of the business is a distinguishing characteristic that sets Rentokil Initial apart from the rest.


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