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Rental linen in Indian healthcare

While only a few Indian hospitals have embraced the rental linen model, Pune-based Kleanwise is one of the total linen management service providers which has been successfully catering to the healthcare segment. Mahesh Ghatge, Managing Director, Kleanwise India shared an insider’s views on how his company has made inroads into this nascent market

Rental linen has been doing well in the hospitality industry, more so during the pandemic. How does this model work at the healthcare level?

In the pandemic situation, where all businesses and organisations are going through a financial crunch, the hospitality and hotel industry is the most affected one. The cost of linen maintenance and hygienic service is high in such situations. The linen rental model is an affordable and hassle-free solution for medium as well as large players in the hospitality industry. It helps them minimise expenses with professional management, less manpower engagement and hygienic services.

What are the guidelines to be followed for healthcare rental linen?

Linen safety and quality are of the utmost importance. For hospitals, all NABH guidelines with respect to hygiene, disinfection, and quality of linen must be followed in the linen rental model.

Do you use any special type of linen for the healthcare industry?

The type of linen used for an industry varies with the nature of industry, type of healthcare services, and type of healthcare unit. The linen and material used for pharma and labs is lint-free linen while the linen used in hospitals or surgical areas is dust-free and water-repellant linen. Depending upon the requirement of the client, different types of linen are used.

Which are the healthcare centers you are servicing now?

We are into linen services for the last 15+ years. Over time, we have served around 10+ hospitals and healthcare units including multi-speciality hospitals like Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Bharati Hospital, Jupiter Hospital and many more

Why do you think healthcare should opt for rental linen?

The linen rental model is beneficial for healthcare due to the following reasons:

  • Low investment and maintenance cost compared to operating one’s own linen and laundry setup
  • Easy procurement and hassle-free service compared to local laundry providers
  • Upto 30% reduction in laundry expenses due to reduction in manpower, operational costs and utility costs
  • Safe, hygienic and disinfected linen as per healthcare industry standards.

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