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Rental Linen Gaining Ground in Healthcare

The concept of rental linen has lately caught up with the hospitality segment as more and more hotels find this model a more lucrative and less cumbersome mode of using hygienic and quality linen in their facilities.

The focus of the laundry industry is now firmly fixed on those processing healthcare linen. Major government and scientific body have issued guidelines on how used hospital linen, whether or not used by a Covid-positive patient, needs to be processed. And after the paranoia of the initial months of the pandemic, service providers have perfected the process of eliminating the virus, and all other microorganisms from hospital linen.

However, the question remains, would rental linen would be the future working model in hospitals? Clean India Journal features the views of two leading rental linen providers, and the laundry-in-charge of one of the biggest and most reputed public hospitals in India, on what to choose, and why.

  • A complete guide to rental linen

Narayanan Raghavan, CEO, Rent-a-Towel gives a step-by-step breakdown of the rental linen cycle and how it can be modified for healthcare customers. Read More

  • Rental linen in Indian healthcare

Mahesh Ghatge, Managing Director, Kleanwise India shares his insights on how he caters to hospitals through the rental linen model. Read More

  • Opting for in- house hospital laundries

The pandemic has brought with it a strange dichotomy; the intensity and thoroughness of cleaning has been increased across the board, but the area that needs to be cleaned has shrunk.          Read More


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