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RENSLIGHET® Industrial Cleaner

Renslighet™ Industrial Cleaner is a unique combination of surfactants which attacks on dirt & Dust, Oils and Greases in a very soft and smooth way. Product has a well-balanced Ph Range suitable for all types of surfaces. It is safe on Hands and floor. Fast cleaning and less water consumption is its uniqueness. This is an ideal product suitable for all the industries and institutions as well as for domestic uses.

1. Bio Inspired Nature
2. Rich in hydrophilicity & Lipophilicity.
3. Eco Efficient.
4. Ergonomic & Rich look packing.
5. Ideal for running Industrial Units.

Industrial & Domestic cleaning four heavily soiled surfaces

Industrial Washing
(Machineries Surfaces) 5 to 10% solution
Note: Washing depends upon soiling of the surfaces.

• Easy to make Long Lasting Air freshener at your premises… Just add water
• Make your brand air freshener without any manufacturing hassle
• Less Investment more return
• Quality products available at economical rates
• Long lasting feel good fragrances with effective spreading
• With list of beautiful fragrance gives more options to your clients to choose from
• Saving in transportation &inventory cost

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