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Tushant Rathod“Tech-enabled service and right expertise are the two most important parameters in Facility Services that help get the optimum results,” avers Tushant Rathod, MD-Renew Solutions & Services.

Facility service is a low margin business with high risk quotient. What really inspired you to come up with a start up in this zone?

Our organization, Renew Solutions, has come up with a specialized form of cleaning technique which restores the quality of the fabrics we treat and hence the name Renew. With years of our experience, we never felt the need of modifying the margins. It is always important to use our resources like infrastructure and manpower to get optimum result out of it. Doing this makes us more professional and renowned in this industry, which is really appreciated and warmly welcomed by the clients.

This specialized cleaning segment is still new to many parts of our country, and a huge market is still untouched. This volume of untapped business space is the main source of inspiration for us.

With so many service providers already present in the market, what differentiates Renew Solutions as a professional service provider rather than a contractor?

Car Cleaning PlacedOur expertise is both in operational and technical aspects. Operationally many of our core team members are from engineering background with different expertise, innovating best techniques and technologies that are most suitable for our business.

The most unique feature about Renew which differentiates us from others is its focus on centralized service. All companies/stores with chain of outlets around the country would certainly like us to outsource their fabric cleaning job. They need to have just one point of contact for setting uniform standards of quality.

Technically, we are using the best machines and chemicals available in the market. We are using commercially accepted, highly efficient machines like Bissell and Soteco. We are using German chemical- Seitz, which has been delivering best quality in fabric cleaning since last 125 years.

Our major energy is also utilized in training our valued technicians, who work day in and out when there is a need for delivering our services on time.

What have been the major challenges you faced in building your business?

We started our journey as Dry Cleaners. Dry cleaning requires technical skills and is preferred when the materials to be cleaned are delicate and cannot withstand the rough tumble of a hand or machine wash. This helped us to evolve ourselves by gaining knowledge about varieties of fabrics.

One main challenge has been to deliver the best quality services on time irrespective of any fabric and time factor. One of our clients, hotel V W Canyon (A five star property in Raipur CG), had approached us during T20 World Cup, with an urgent requirement of cleaning its products like Carpet, Chairs, Sofas and Curtains. Our dedicated team worked day and night to finish that job which was really challenging. This experience taught us a lesson that we should be ready to accept any kind of challenge. Job is always defined but delivering it on time with perfection is more important. The happiness on client’s face is priceless; this gives us inspiration to deliver even better results each time we perform.

Each industry is unique and requires specific solutions. Do you procure specialized cleaning equipment and hire skilled manpower when it comes to serving specific industries such as healthcare or pharma? Is there any value added services that you offer to your clients?

Our industry is totally scattered. Dry Cleaning is often combined with laundry and fabric & upholstery cleaning, interchangeably used with housekeeping. Upholstery cleaning is a specialized job which has to be differentiated from the normally used terminologies like housekeeping.

Our effort is to bring upholstery cleaning as an Industry to the Indian market.

Carpet CleaningOur services can be categorized into following:
• Carpets and Rugs
• Sofas
• Chairs
• Vertical Blinds and Curtains
• Car and Bus Upholstery

We believe that technology is the key to success and so with continual investments on latest technologies, we have come up with highly efficient machines, chemicals and equipment.

Training our staff is one of the ways we increase our efficiency on timely manner. Each new recruit goes through training before he/she is allowed to perform.

Serving sectors like pharma and healthcare is a challenge. There is a big hygiene issue not only for the customer but also for our team. We have a different training programme for the team handling these sectors. This includes the use of Bio sensitive mask, medically certified gloves, and different unit of machines only for such sites.

What are the different training programmes you give to your manpower?

Our staff members go through a continual training programme, where they are trained to become technicians. It is a process which involves knowledge sharing about the machines, chemicals and the techniques to identify the stains. They are also trained specially to work efficiently, which involves talk less-work more strategy.

People these days, are more concerned about the hygiene and the environment. We assure that the chemicals and equipments used not only are safe for them but are also to the environment.

What is your future marketing strategy going to be?

We have trained and specialized ourselves into fabric cleaning and so our area of interest as of now is limited to fabric cleaning which itself is a huge market.

As already said the large volume of market is still untouched and is not aware about this particular service industry. So our prime concern or the strategy is to knock the doors of this market and provide services to them. We may look forward to come up with eco-friendly products which can be used by everyone to keep individual spaces clean.

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