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Removing candle wax from carpets may sound impossible, but there is a solution. Candles can create a problem for the carpet if the wax drips onto it. The main problem is that the melted dripping wax gets meshed with the carpet fibres when it hardens. This makes removal difficult and presents some serious dangers of damage to the carpet.

Take some good quality and highly absorbent paper towels and a common house iron. The first step is to very carefully pick away and remove all of the wax that you can without pulling at any of the carpet fibres. This is just intended to remove the excess. Do this very carefully as pulling at the fibres on some carpets can lead to “runs” that are not unlike the runs in nylon stockings.

After removing as much of the excess wax as possible, lay the paper towel flat over the wax area. Turn the iron on to a “warm” setting. It is important to use a low temperature setting and exhibit a great deal of patience. If you try to go too fast by using a hot iron, you will most likely singe the fibres of the carpet causing a worse problem than the wax. Once the iron is warm, slowly and carefully, iron the paper towel over the wax. The heat will melt the wax and the towel will absorb the melted wax. If this is working properly, it will appear like grease stains on the towel. Some people suggest a real towel for more protection to the carpet. Although this will work also, you then have a problem of having wax in your towel and will most likely have to be discard.

If the wax is coloured, it might leave a little stain in the carpet once the wax has been removed. Most good quality carpet cleaning solutions will remove the colour stain.

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