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Remove paan / gutkha / rust stains quickly

Can be used on any hard surface

Product Code: CIJ 11/18-1342
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Paan stains are inarguably one of the most ubiquitous sights in India. Though governments past and present have launched cleanliness campaigns, this is one menace that doesn’t seem to get tackled. From railway stations and bus stops to private residential complexes, schools and shopping malls, this red stain has made its way to almost every wall and corner in the country.

Cleaning these stains is no mean feat: It requires time, manpower, large quantities of water and harsh industrial chemicals, effectively making paan stains not just a social menace but also an environmental challenge.

It’s a matter of serious concern that with money paid by taxpayers and amid a prevailing water crisis in the world, resources are being used for something that can be totally prevented.

To cater to this concern, Satol Chemicals Pvt. Ltd introduced SATOL S8 Supreme multi-purpose paste cleaner, which can take care of not only paan stains but also rust and other scaling stains. It can remove any old and hard stains from any surface due to oil and dirt with fast action.

Its effective formulation was an instant hit after its launch in the Indian market and is helping property owners like malls, office building spaces, Indian Railways and facility management companies etc., who are facing such a big challenge to maintain the facility due to paan and gutkha stains in their property.


  • Easily and instantly removes rust and paan stains from hard surfaces
  • Instantly cleans the oil and paint stains from the surface
  • Removes any old or hard stain easily.
  • Used directly on the surface, enables fast and easy application
  • Ready to use product with instant results


  • Prepare 5 % solution for application. Apply directly on the rust stains, paan stains, oily stains, and paint stains. Then, after 3 to 5 minutes, scrub and wipe with cloth or wiper.
  • Do not mix with bleaches or other cleaning products.
  • Do not use on acid-sensitive surfaces.





Light yellowish



Specific gravity



100% water soluble


1.61±0.05 in 1% solution

0.5±0.05 in Concentrate

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