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Rejuvenate your hardwood floor

Prolongs the life of wood floors

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Institutions that want a classic or traditional look often choose parquet flooring since it is a timeless flooring style. Everyone uses this adaptable flooring option. Because it is versatile, simple to personalise, and long-lasting, it is also a popular flooring option. The aesthetic appeal of one’s space will be enhanced using decorative patterns and designs when installing parquet flooring tiles. It is a special type of flooring that gives one’s room character and warmth.

Contrary to rugs and carpets, which can act as a haven for allergens, dust, and other unwelcome visitors, parquet flooring does not have any room for them. Any corporate entity that does not want to run the chance of their personnel acquiring allergies should go with this option. But when it comes to maintenance, wooden floors require more effort, money, and time.

Regardless of how well one maintains their flooring, it is crucial to keep the wood pieces immaculate. In addition to extending the lifespan of the flooring, this will ensure that it stays beautiful and appears new. Floor stripping is necessary to get rid of ingrained dirt and old, discoloured floor polish before recoating or applying new polish. The floor will be ready to receive a new layer of finish after the stripping process is complete.

Buzil Rossari Pvt. Ltd’s Ross Finish – Wood is a specially formulated product that can properly maintain any wood subsurface. It leaves a fantastic satin matt sheen and is simple and secure to use. It helps to improve the appearance of wooden floors that appear dry and worn out and is free of the characteristic solvent odour.

Ross Finish – Wood is ideal for both residential and commercial properties because it offers an incredibly tough wear layer. It renews and shines wood, laminate, and finished hardwood floors and instantly revitalises them with a brilliant, natural suppleness and sheen that prolongs the life of wood floors and makes them appear brand new.


  • Creates a resistant protective film on the floor
  • Cleans and cares
  • Polishable
  • Suitable for cleaners
  • Free from typical solvent odour
  • Leaves satin matt shine
  • Slip-resistant pursuant to DIN 51131
  • Suitable as protection for the device being sprayed and as underseal

With Ross Stripper-Wood, stripping a floor may be a quick and tidy process. Utilising this stripper will significantly simplify one’s life. Instead of employing hard labour, it is preferable to use a floor stripper to remove the old shine or coating. For regular cleaning and maintenance of hardwood floors, use the specially formulated product Ross Spray and Clean.

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