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Refuse collection body and static compactor

Increased payload achieved through better design

Hyva is a global multinational company founded in the Netherlands in 1979. The company is committed to the development, production, marketing and distribution of waste handling and capital equipment. The company has well equipped manufacturing facilities in India, Brazil, China, Germany and Italy.

RC 1318 – Refuse Collection Body [RCB]

CIJ 2/18-1296


  • More payload achieved through high compaction force and lightweight body design.
  • High collection efficiency from small diameter cylinders which deliver faster operation, and double pump for simultaneous operation of packer and bin lifter.
  • Hydraulic system with hose burst valves and various protection plates covering cylinders and hoses offer additional protection to operators.


  • Shopping centres, streets, municipalities, transportation of garbage.
Container volume 18 m3
Body length 5319 mm
Electric Power 24 V
Est. Payload 10800-13500 kg
Compaction cycle time 25 sec

CIJ 2/18-1297

Static compactor (Model -SC 260/350)


  • Increased payload is made possible by the lightweight structure and round shape (up to 100% filling) of the container.
  • The system is fully sealed to avoid any spillage or pollution of the environment.
  • The system can be configured for different types of loading and different container sizes.


  • Religious places, underground, waste segregation, parks.
Compactor chamber volume 3 m3
Compress cycle time 41 s
Theoretical volume capacity 263 m3/h
Max compaction force 370 KN
Power 11 KW

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