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Redefining Innovation

Noting the billion people living there in India, the opportunity is enormous. We are hopeful we can bring a healthier environment for the people who work and live in India through our innovative products.

Brad Betz, Vice-President, Betco, USA

Barrett Betz, Business Development Representative, Paul Betz, CEO and Brad Betz

Betco has been participating mostly in end user shows in USA and has made its debut at ISSA Interclean this year. About 98% of Betco’s sales are in the United States, Canada and Mexico. “We have been coming to this Show for the last six to eight years now but this year we participated to see what kind of opportunities come about. We see unique and interesting opportunities.

We are focused on growing our international distribution and have partnered with Klinox for marketing our innovative products in the large Indian Market. There are a billion people living there in India and the opportunity is enormous.

We have a full line of cleaning products from chemicals to equipment and other specific products focusing on total solutions for solving user needs and providing a cleaner and healthier environment for those markets.

India is a growing economy and it needs cleaning innovations to help sustain the health of the country and so we are hopeful about providing solutions for a cleaner environment for the people who work and live in India.

We have a packaged programme for product marketing and sale support training focusing on the US market. Hiren Modi of Klinox who has learned how we go to market will take that learning and deploy them in India. We will have the opportunity to leverage our 60 years of business experience in understanding India.

The Indian market is big and holds a lot of potential for our products but being a price sensitive market, we have to introduce technology keeping this mind.

Stefano Salducco, Product Manager, Menikin pulito e Benessere

No doubt India is a big potential for our products but it takes time to teach the people and introduce our technology as it is not very well known in India. All these take time and is a long process. Frankly speaking, India is a very sensitive market as far as price goes with Italian products like ours. Hence we may need to compromise on the price factor. But, it is not the same case with the industrial segment in India. It is very well developed and we have very good technology for this segment. There are big machines and there is demand for them in these facilities. However, for cleaning in general and professional cleaning we may develop smaller machines.

The basic strategy for selling is in showing the machine to the end customer. The best way to display is to participate in exhibition where you can educated the people about the product. In this way they can understand the technology and the application of the machine. Then in time we are sure that people are aware about the product.

Participating at ISSA Interclean, especially in the Steam Cleaning pavilion along with the competitors, we were a bit afraid at first. But the concept is good, as only the people who are interested in steam are here.

Mohana M.


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