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Redefining Innovation

We acknowledge that it will take time for Nilfisk to establish ourselves but we are determined to do it. We have made solid plans and have to be patient as THE PLANS ARE starting to take off now.

Steen Fellenius

Vice President, Business Development

Nilfisk Advance

In the global perspective, we have a strategy for fast growing economies – China, India, Russia, Brazil Mexico and Turkey – where we would like to do something more and India is a very interesting market.

Middle East is also an interesting market to us and at the same time is a difficult market to operate in. As a western company operating in these countries, having local partners and building relationship with them is extremely important. It is similar to India and that is also one of the reasons why it is a challenge to get a strong foothold in India.

It is important to have a good networking and a detail understanding of how to operate in India. In the past years what we missed is the understanding of the Indian cleaning market and that is why we have Sunil Kapoor in India with a good networking. We are a very small player but I can see times of great improvement in the future. We will be giving full support for India.

When we defined the strategies specific for the six countries, what we decided was to give more attention and increase visits to several times during the years to understand what is happening in each of these countries. We also decided to invest more in these countries compared to other parts of the world, like Holland or Germany.

We have a good range of equipment and when it comes to human factor, we are making sure that there are right kind of people who understand the customer and their cleaning requirement, we have the time to establish relationships and gradually improve the sales. We also know that in India it is not just important to improve sales but it is also important to have good after sale service. Further, there are already established brands in India which are stronger than Nilfisk. We acknowledge that it will take time for us to establish ourselves but we are determined to do it.

Looking in the rear view mirror when we studied the six countries, we probably underestimated our competitors, who have already established themselves in several of these markets invest in India. We came in late too and did not sufficiently and heavily. We also underestimated the differences in these markets in terms of the culture and market dynamics and what we specifically need to do in these markets in order to be successful. We are still learning.

India is a peculiar market which needs to be watched through Indian eyes. We will keep on investing in Indian market with this positive spirit.

Alessandro Costantini,

Export Sales Manager

Tecno Trolley System SRL, Italy

In the last few years, TTS has carefully monitored the requirements of Indian professional cleaning market and has successfully introduced a complete product range for janitorial, healthcare, housekeeping and waste management segments. TTS has presence in many market segments in professional cleaning – FM, industries, community, HoReCa and healthcare through distributors and partners in India. Our aim is to elevate the quality standard of healthcare market providing the best of our innovation and problem solving products like Clean Glass and Magic trolleys to FM/cleaning contractors; Hotels, Restaurant, Catering(HoReCa) market with high professional solutions combining both luxury and functionality.

Productivity (time & manpower saving) is not always considered a priority and on the other hand, if a cleaning system is nice and efficient, users recognize and appreciate it immediately. The market potential is huge but it really takes time to be expressed. Training and seminars for users and sales team are essential to increase professional awareness.

We have noticed an increased interest in India for high quality cleaning solutions, combining simplicity and high performances. The market is moving slowly, but with consolidated firm steps in the direction of innovative systems.

Our new challenge is now to expand the presence of Trilogy – a unique double sided cleaning frame with its multitasking assortment of microfiber mop heads (Tri Mop) – and Dosely, a new concept to soak all mop heads on demand directly in the trolley.

TTS is considering strategic increase of awareness, information and training on the latest cleaning technologies and innovation. From this point of view Clean India Journal and Clean India Shows are playing a key role.

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