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Recycling, coach care complex for Ajmer station

A new water recycling plant at a cost of about `1.30cr with a capacity to treat 400,000 litres of water per day was launched by General Manager of North Western Railway (NWR) Anil Singhal at the second entry gate of Ajmer railway station.

Currently, the water requirement for the station stands at 7.5 lakh litres per day which is used for washing coaches, platforms, aprons stalls and drains of the station office. The new plant will save 3.5 lakh litres of water daily and it can be used for different purposes. It will save `20.22 lakh per annum for the railways. This is in line with the railways’ extra efforts to conserve water.

The new washing line at Madar coach care complex will be used to service new coaches. The new launch is expected to escalate the number to about 500. It will also help in the maintenance of three new trains. In addition, it has automatic coach washing facility and ETP plant.

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